We are looking to hire 250 colleagues in 2018/19

Up until the opening of Cityringen (The Copenhagen metro M3+M4) in the summer of 2019, we will mobilise for operation, maintenance and administration. At the same time, we also need new people for the existing metro. By clicking the ‘Jobs’ tab you can see what jobs we are now posting, find out what types of work we do or send us an unsolicited application.

Among the many new employees, we need 100 new stewards to provide service to our customers. In addition to service being a part of your DNA, the position also requires the ability to keep a cool head and some technical skills. Hear about the everyday lives of the stewards in the video below and read what the job requires via this link

We who man the metro 24/7

Click on the video and get an insight into what it is like to be a Metro Steward 

Metro Service A/S

Metro Service is expanding and moving into new business areas (March 2018)

In the past months Metro Service A/S has been awarded two O&M contracts in EU tender competitions.

On December 15th 2017 Metro Service was awarded the future contract for The Copenhagen Metro. The current contract is held by Metro Service’s owners Ansaldo STS and ATM and expires on December 31st, 2018. The new contract will run for 5 years and 7 months from January 1st, 2019 and will be held by Metro Service itself. With this contract Metro Service will be responsible for operation and maintenance for the entire Copenhagen Metro including Cityringen and Nordhavnslinjen. The first is made up by 17 stations and will open in July 2019, while the latter will add 2 new stations in 2020. The mobilisation for the new lines is well on its way.

On 11th 2018 Metro Service was also awarded the contract for The Greater Copenhagen Light Rail (Hovedstadens Letbane). The light rail is scheduled to open mid-2024, have 29 stations over the length of 28 kilometres, and the O&M contract will run for 15 years.

“Metro Service has proven over the years that the company can provide safety, reliability and a very high service availability along with a growing number of passengers, while keeping a highly professional focus on maintenance. These achievements have brought the company far and will bring it even further in the years to come,” CEO Claudio Cassarino, Metro Service states.

Now Metro Service is taking part in yet another EU tender competition, The Odense Light Rail, which is planned to start operating in 2020. Metro Service was in 2017 pre-qualified for bidding on the operation and maintenance along five other companies. The bid was handed in on February 14th, 2018 and the contract is expected to be awarded later this year.