To meet – and possibly exceed – the expectations of our stakeholders, we continuously measure our results. This keeps us focused on delivering the best service for our passengers, and provides us with input for future improvements in both operations and maintenance.

Service availability
The service availability of the Metro is our focus. Every day, we measure how well we do against our target of 98 %.
In normal operation, the Metro does not run per a timetable, but with fixed intervals between the trains. Hence we calculate the service availability by dividing the day into three-minute intervals and comparing the number of actual departures with the number of planned departures.

The metro's operational stability was again very high in 2020, with 99.5 per cent of departures on time on the M1 / ​​M2, while the figure was 98.6 per cent for the M3.


Passenger satisfaction

Passenger satisfaction with our operation, service, and maintenance is the foundation of our co-operation with Metroselskabet. We receive a satisfaction analysis every month, where Megafon, an analysis company, conducts 350-400 personal interviews with passengers on behalf of Metroselskabet. The goal is to have more than 80 % of those interviewed in the ’satisfied’ or ’very satisfied’ category.

In 2019 an impressive 97 % of our passengers were satisfied with their latest journey.

Number of km between disruptions
Trains running without disruption is a prerequisite for the high levels of passenger satisfaction and service availability. This requires on-going maintenance on the trains, systems, and tracks to prevent problems. We measure the number of kilometres between disruptions, which has been steadily increasing.

In 2018, the average for the year was just above 20,000 km.

Passenger Service Quality Report 2018

Passenger Service Quality Report 2019

Passenger Service Quality Report 2020

Passenger Service Quality Report 2021


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