At Metro Service, we prioritise safety over operation.

As the only Danish operator and infrastructure manager with a BOStrab Betriebsleiter, safety is our top priority. We comply with all current legislation and incorporate safety considerations in all decisions. Our strong safety culture is supported by an effective system for managing railway safety.

Among other things, this includes
• continuously preventing and minimising the consequences of incidents by managing all risks related to railway safety through an operational hazard register
• continuously improving the safety systems and safety culture through corrective actions based on suggestions for improvements, incidents, inspections, and independent internal audits
• working to retain and improve railway safety
• posing demands for and carrying out inspections of safety conditions and quality at subcontractors.

Our safety certificates and approvals as well as continuous audits by the Danish Transport, Construction and Housing Authority are not only a manifestation that our systems comply with all requirements relating to railway safety – our safety culture and system are defined by a high level of maturity. In addition to railway safety requirements, the management system defines several quality requirements per the ISO 9001 standard.

Safety Approval

Safety Certificate

Certificate for ISO 9001

Certificate for ISO 27001