Whistleblower scheme

Here you will find information about the Metro Service A/S whistleblower scheme.

The scheme is created to make Metro Service aware of offenses and other serious matters in a safe and confidential manner. Persons with a professional connection to Metro Service can report matters via the scheme, e.g. suppliers and current or former employees.

If you are a customer and have a comment about Metro Service, you are welcome to contact us via Customer Service - you can see info here - click here for Customer Service.

Kinds of reports
The reports can e.g. concern: financial crime and violations of accounting rules, bribery, fraud, forgery, corruption, theft, unlawful instructions and violations of occupational safety, sexual harassment, systematic bullying, violence and other serious personal conflicts in the workplace that may affect the lives and health of others.


If you want to use the whistleblower scheme, click on the link below:

Click here to go to the whistleblower page


If you choose to submit an anonymous report, we encourage you to use a computer and Internet connection that is not connected to Metro Service.