Become an apprentice or student/trainee at Metro Service
Apprentices and students/trainees at Metro Service receive a relevant and specialized education with increased career opportunities. (Watch the video about being an apprentice in Metro Service  above here - press the arrow).

We offer as many as five different training programs across the organization, and we create educational learning environments with dedicated supervisors, who support the students throughout the program.

Through our training programs, apprentices and trainees will be exposed to a wide range of different learning tasks as well as colleagues with various professional backgrounds.

At Metro Service, we see it as part of our social responsibility to contribute to ensuring young people a relevant and competency-based education. In fact, it is part of our CSR commitment (You can read more about CSR at Metro service, here).

At the same time, we focus on the professional skills on which we, to a large extent, rely on – because students of today can quickly become the competent employees of the future. We have many examples of that.

What types of trainee- and apprenticeships do we offer?
At Metro Service, we make a virtue out of offering trainee- and apprenticeships across a wide range of professions – from engineering to administration. We are currently approved to have the following trainee- and apprenticeships:

• Automatic technician
• Electrician
• Automatic fitter
• IT supporter
• Real estate service technician
• Office training in administration and procurement

This is how we shape the education/training programs
Typically, apprentices or trainees stay with us 2-4 years as part of their education. The training program alternates between theory and practice and between school and Metro Service and can otherwise vary a great deal depending on the specific education.

Typically, our department of education together with the apprentice or trainee, create a tailored program that offers them professional knowledge combined with practical experience - often with training across departments.

"At Metro Service, we very much appreciate having the opportunity to train new apprentices and trainees, as it has a social value and importance to the development of our company. It is very important for us, that our apprentices and trainees learn as much as possible during their stay at Metro Service, so they are well prepared for future jobs," says, Erling Krog, Training Manager, Metro Service.

Do you want to become an apprentice or trainee at Metro Service?
If you are considering applying for one of the above-mentioned training programs, then Metro Service could potentially be a great place for you to test your skills and give you practical experience. All vacant trainee and apprenticeship positions are posted here on the website, but if you do not see anything within your professional skills, you are very welcome to apply unsolicited.
See how under 'Vacancies', at the bottom of the page.

“I have been very happy with my apprenticeship — both because of my colleagues, but also because of the tasks that I have solved. Particularly, I find the major projects that I have participated in to be very exciting. E.g. when I helped to install the new ventilation system at Nørreport Station."
A graduated electrician apprentice.
“I have been very happy with my traineeship at Metro Service. It is a nice workplace with nice colleagues. I have especially learned to be structured and to solve tasks on time. "
A graduated office student.

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