At Metro Service, you will find an informal, personable atmosphere combined with appreciative inquiry for solving problems as well as an emphasis on procedures for safety. Here, you can watch a video about how we work together.

We place a great emphasis on employee satisfaction. This means that satisfaction with both the job and the overall workplace turn out to be high, just as we see a high level of commitment among the employees. The good results in regard to well-being are especially due to us not taking management for granted. We devote many resources to strengthening and developing our managers, as well as providing them with tools enabling them to create good working relationships and interaction between each other and the employees in an appreciative manner.

We have many rules and procedures, because through this we can ensure that both the employees and the passengers arrive safely at the destinations of their journeys. At the same time, you will also experience an informal, personable atmosphere and good working relationships across the entire company.

Appreciative inquiry
Our daily work is based upon appreciative inquiry (AI), which you will be introduced to when you begin working at Metro Service. To be appreciative means that we work on improving ourselves by focusing on what we already do well. When a problem arises, we strive to not admonish each other or to focus on the error. Instead, we pose questions out of curiosity, analyse the situation together and reach agreement on what we will do the next time, it order to achieve a continuously better result.

In order to strengthen the work relationships and appreciative inquiry, we have together with our employees defined our expectations for good behaviour in our daily work. These are funded on our four values and our six shared principles. You will therefore experience that our expectations for one another are clear and unambiguous.

Our four values 

Employee benefits
Our well-being does not stem solely from the management framework. Hence we offer a number of attractive employee benefits, for example subsidies for fitness, healthy meals in the cafeteria, the possibility for massage and foot therapy, as well as health insurance.

In addition, you will regularly be able to meet your colleagues outside working hours in more informal settings for various social events, preferably with active content. Throughout the year, our active personnel association arranges cinema outings, bowling evenings and the like.

AI is about being a good listener and keeping an open mind when others share their view. But you are also expected to take a critical view and not accept just anything