Working as a metro technician

The metro’s technicians solve different tasks within repair and maintenance on trains, tracks, power, signals, the train’s IT, and the train’s technical systems in general. The technicians have different professional and educational backgrounds – however, they all speak and understand Danish.

All our technicians have a certificate of apprenticeship and many are certified electricians, electro mechanics, automobile, truck or air plane mechanics. Some are also certificated refrigeration or ventilation engineers, blacksmiths, or machine operators/industrial technicians.

The technicians work in teams all hours of the day and some work in the work shop while others are at stations, in the tracks etc.

What tasks are carried out?
Maintenance is divided into three main areas, each of which have sub departments:

  • Rolling Stock (RUL)
    • In RUL the employees work on the trains in the workshop
    • In Service the employees work with tool calibration
    • In the warehouse the employees handle the arrival of and logistics for, among other things, spare parts. 
  • Infrastructure
    • In the Automatic Train Control (ATC) department the employees work with the signals for the train
    • In Tracks the employees carry out inspections of the tracks. To affect operation as little as possible, they always work at night
    • In the Passenger Security Information System (PSIS) department the employees work on, among other, ticketing machines, radios, and more or less everything in relation to the communication between the Control Room, stewards and technicians. They also work with external communications for passengers on the screens and in the loudspeakers
    • In Civil Works the employees are carrying out service on the stations and Metro Service’s buildings. 
  • Power/Mechanical & Electrical (M&E)
    • In Power the employees work with high voltage
    • In M&E the employees work with low voltage i.e. on elevators, escalators and pumps.

What is it like working as a technician in Metro Service?

You can read more about the work day as a technician in the following articles:

What does it take to become at Metro Service technician?

The training to become a metro technician is only offered at Metro Service. To be considered for the job, you must meet the following practical and rail way safety related criteria:

  • You must have a certificate of apprenticeship
  • You must have a driver’s license, cat. B
  • You must be able to obtain a health certificate. Read about the certificate at Trafik-, Bygge- og Boligstyrelsen’s website
  • You must speak and understand Danish and be able to read technical documents in English

We are continuously looking for technicians in 2019

If you are interested in becoming a technician at Metro Service please send  a motivated application and your CV via this link     

You can also learn more about what it is like to work as a technician at Metro Service and what we demand in terms of education and experience in the attached brochure "Metrotekniker" (in Danish) 

Metro technician (in Danish)

Vacant positions

We are always looking for competent staff - if you want to join us, follow this link

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