Working in the Control Room

The staff in the control room manages the traffic and is responsible for continuously informing passengers and other metro staff about the operation. The control room is manned 24 hours a day, all year round.

There are three types of staff in the control room; control room supervisors, train dispatchers and passenger information operators (commonly called PIOs). The training takes place at Metro Service and the employees have very different backgrounds, just as the three jobs require different personal qualities.
The job as a control room supervisor requires at least 2 years of experience as a train dispatcher or extensive experience with people management.

What is a train dispatcher?
The train dispatcher monitors and controls the operation of the metro. It requires a good overview, an ability to act and react beyond what is usual, and the ability to make the right decisions – also in stressful situations. Your job is also to continuously inform the stewards about the operation, and you must be good at informing and communicating with your colleagues. In addition, it is your responsibility to monitor and control the metro's electrical and technical systems, to coordinate internal and external technicians work on the metro, and to act as the link manager between a wide range of other stakeholders.

For the first four to five months of your employment as a train dispatcher you will be in training. Along the way there will be several tests you must pass to be employed. During the training period, you cannot take vacation, but you will receive full pay during the training.

Do you want to work as a train dispatcher?
To be considered for the job as train dispatcher you must

  • be tested for logic and personality traits to see, if you will fit with the job
  • have passed the Danish ’Studentereksamen’ or ’HH’ or an equivalent education with satisfactory results
  • be interested in technical matters and It
  • be able to multitask and handle shorter stressful situations
  • be able to express yourself clearly in Danish and English, verbally and in writing
  • be interested in staff management and development. 

In addition, the job requires that you obtain a health certificate. Read about the certificate at Trafik-, Bygge- og Boligstyrelsen’s website.

What is a PIO?
The Passenger Information Operator is working in the control room and is tasked with informing the metro passengers through speaker calls, information screens, and digital media. In addition, they provide service to customers who have pushed the call points in trains or stations and they monitor the paths, the stations, and the metro's technical equipment. Thus, the job requires that you are able to maintain an overview and provide good service in hectic situations, as well as work independently and be prepared to perform tasks under instructions, depending on the situation.
The education of a PIO is mainly done as on-the-job training and takes three months. Along the way there will be a series of tests.

Do you want to work as a PIO?
To be considered for the job as a PIO you must

  • be service minded and like talking with and to our customers – e.g. make speaker calls to thousands of customers
  • be able to read and write both Danish and English at a high level (during the recruitment process, you will be tests in both languages)
  • have knowledge about It at medium level – and a wish to learn about new systems
  • have thorough and routine knowledge of social media
  • have knowledge of the Office program at user level. 

What is it like to work in the control room?
You can learn more about working in the control room in this article:

"Min arbejdsdag. Rebecca Holmegaard, kontrolrumssupervisor", Erhverv København mandag den 26. februar 2018 (in Danish)

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