High service stability and good service give the passengers a fast, safe and convenient journey – every day.

Our goal is to always give our passengers the best possible journey – without compromising on safety. The passengers are therefore the focus of our guidelines and the training we give our employees. This applies for our daily operations as well as our planned maintenance, and when operating disruptions arise. Here, we always work for a fast solution, in order to minimise the effect on the passengers.

On average the Copenhagen Metro has 13,000 daily departures. We deliver a fast, safe and convenient journey for more than 190,000 passengers on weekdays, with exceptionally high service availability and very satisfied passengers.
Beginning in 2019, we will also hold the contract for operating and maintaining Copenhagen's new metro line, Cityringen.

Fast and correct decisions

The high service availability reflects, among other things, that in the event of operating disruptions we quickly make the proper decisions to the benefit of the passengers.

Many years of experience in managing the interplay between operation, infrastructure, rolling stock and systems means that we are able to coordinate the necessary work very fast and thereby minimise the effects on operation. Following any larger operating disruption, we have fixed procedures for debriefing. These show us what has happened, and how we can optimise the processes and avoid a similar problem occurring in the future.

Full 24-hour operation poses greater requirements for sharing knowledge and co-ordination between the employees, so the passengers experience the same high level of service and safety, regardless of when they are travelling. To keep the focus on our passengers and in order to pass along relevant information, we follow up on a daily basis on all management levels, and all employees are briefed before their shifts start. In addition, we set high standards for the professional level of our employees. Operations employees undergo 3-6 months of education and must pass several exams, before they start work in their positions.

Going out and returning home safely

We are glad that our passengers experience the Metro as a safe and secure means of transport, and we do a lot to retain their confidence. The control room is staffed around the clock, and the stewards circulate the trains and in the stations. At the same time, passengers are always able to contact our employees at call points. In order to avoid conflicts from escalating and leading to violence or assaults, the stewards receive training in good service and preventing violent behaviour on an on-going basis. In addition, we work closely with the police on things such a pickpocketing. As we say: ’Everyone must return home safely’


The staff are always helpful, for example when you enter or leave the train. And when you ask a question, you also get a useful answer.