Are you already a supplier?

Here you can read about various things related to being a supplier for Metro Service:

How do you get access to working in the metro?
What is the correlation between CSR and Metro Service?
How do you fill out the supplier form?


Access to the metro
If you need to perform work at one of Metro Service’s locations, at a metro station or at another location, you must apply for a permit. In this section, you can read how to do that.

For safety-related deliveries, you must first acquire a “green access card”, offered by Metro Service, before the work can begin.

Read further down, on how to do this.


Metro Service and CSR
Metro Service has a Code of Ethics, which helps us to set standards for our daily work, not only among our own employees, but also in collaboration with our suppliers. Through transparent procurement processes, we promote an open and honest dialogue as an initiative against corruption. In return, we expect all of our suppliers and their subcontractors to comply with applicable laws and regulations as well as with Metro Service’s Code of Ethics.

Metro Service’s Code of Ethics contains the following:
- Human rights and working conditions
- The environment
- Unethical behaviour and anti-corruption
- Third-party relationships

Since 2017, our suppliers are required to systematically report on the working conditions, including contracts and collective agreements, working hours and facilities as well as use of apprentices. At the same time, we use an external agency to make yearly audits of a number of suppliers, to make sure that these meet the requirements regarding responsible working conditions for their employees and subcontractors.

Suppliers who act under Danish law, must complete a CSR questionnaire every quarter. In this way, we ensure that they continue to comply with the legislation and thereby with our requirements.

You can read the entire Metro Service Code of Ethics here on this page.


Are you a supplier and need to complete quarterly CSR reporting?
Approved suppliers for Metro Service must complete the CSR report quarterly.

This must be done no later than the following each year:

- March 15th

- June 15th

- September 15th

- December 15th

The supplier can get the form sent to them or complete it via the link below. The supplier fills in and vouches for the information.

Complete the quarterly supplier form here.


Are you going to perform work in the metro?
As an external person, who has to perform work at the metro stations, on the tracks or somewhere else, you must have completed a course first in order to move safely during the time that you work for us.


This is how you do it
1. You start by contacting the person at Metro Service A/S, who is responsible for your work. It can be the person that has made the order, or the person that you have been referred to. He or she will send you an email, giving you access to the first part of the course, which is a lot of information about performing work in the metro. It takes an hour, and you will be able to read the information on your mobile phone, tablet, or computer.

2. Once you have completed this part, you will receive an email with information, which you need to reply to. We use this information to create a profile in our access system in order for us to create a personal access card.

3. When we have all the information we need, we agree on a time for you to come to Metro Service to take a test, so we can see that you have learned what you need to know. Safety is high in the metro. Therefore, we want to make sure that you know about the safety rules.

4. If you pass the test, you will receive your access card and is ready to work.

If you do not pass the test
If you do not pass the test, you will have to do the course again. Once you have completed the course again, we agree on a new time where you can take the test again.


Admission card is valid for two years
Once you have received your access card, it will be valid for approximately two years. You can see the expiry date on the front of the card.


If you need to have your card replaced
If the card is broken, you change company or if the card is worn out in such a way that it is no longer possible to see your data on it, you need to write Metro Service. You find the mail address on the back of the card. Feel free to also write the card number in your email.


Card renewal
If your card needs to be renewed after two years, you must complete the course again. In that way, you get the latest updates.
We hope that the information above has provided you with answers on how you get started with working in the metro. If you are in doubt about anything, feel free to write to Metro Service/Education on