Become a supplier to Metro Service
At Metro Service, it is important that we deliver the best possible service, where quality and safety are in focus. In 2019, Metro Service transported more than 78 million people in the metro. Therefore, Metro Service as well as our selected suppliers hold a great responsibility. Metro Service is always looking for suppliers who can deliver the best products at the best price. Becoming a supplier to Metro Service means becoming part of a large organization, which you can be proud to be a supplier to.

As a supplier to Metro Service, we expect you to meet the following requirements:

Quality and Safety
At Metro Service, quality and safety go hand in hand. Metro Service sets requirements regarding safety qualifications, certificates, training, and experience, based on the specific assignment, product etc. This is done to ensure the highest quality possible. If the assignment requires it, Metro Service will offer additional instructions, courses, etc.

Railway Safety
At Metro Service, railway safety is defined as the safety that must be observed to prevent or minimize the risk of damage to railway operations as a result of activities, tasks and responsibilities, in connection with the task as a railway company and as a railway infrastructure manager. Railway safety is important for Metro Service and if you are a supplier where the product relates to railway safety, you will need to be approved by our HSQE department (safety department).

Access permits
For safety-related deliveries, the supplier must be trained and have finalized Metro Service’s course before obtaining a “green access card” and before the work can begin. Once a contract has been signed, we will agree on the specific course in more detail, as it is prepared with you as a supplier in focus.

Our Code of Ethics helps us to set standards for our daily work, not only among our own employees, but also in collaboration with our suppliers. Through transparent procurement processes, we promote an open and honest dialogue as an initiative against corruption. In return, we expect all our suppliers and their subcontractors to comply with applicable laws and regulations as well as with Metro Service’s Code of Ethics.

Metro Service’s Code of Ethics contains the following:
- Human rights and working conditions
- The environment
- Unethical behaviour and anti-corruption
- Third-party relationships

Since 2017, our suppliers are required to systematically report on the working conditions, including contracts and collective agreements, working hours and facilities as well as use of apprentices. At the same time, we use an external agency to make yearly audits of a number of suppliers, to make sure that these meet the requirements regarding responsible working conditions for their employees and subcontractors.

Suppliers who act under Danish law, must complete a CSR questionnaire every quarter. In this way, we ensure that they continue to comply with the legislation and thereby with our requirements.

You can read the entire Metro Service Code of Ethics here.

Tenders and upcoming projects
As part of our strategy, Metro Service has chosen to tender all major contracts. Keep an eye on these tenders on Use the search function ‘magnifying glass’ in the upper right corner and search for “Metro Service”, and any contracts that can be tendered.