High service availability and good service give the passengers a fast, safe, and comfortable journey - each day. Metro Service provides service, maintenance, and customer service in one combined package for the transport providers. Today, we have the contract to operate and maintain the Copenhagen metro on behalf of Metroselskabet. From July 2019, we also have the contract for the new metro line Cityringen.

Our services


We handle the operation of the metro, with all the stewards, train dispatchers, planners and passenger information operators needed



We maintain the 34 trains every day, ensuring both comfort and safety for our passengers

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24/7 365

Our approximately 300 employees work around the clock. They take care of tasks from providing passenger service, over train repair, to develping safety procedures. In 2016, we spent 7.820 hours on competence development - in addition to the hours, we spent on training and re-training.

Saving 23% on water consumption

The water purification system in the train washing facility was optimised in 2015. This resulted in a 23% decrease in the annual water consumption, equaling 1,967 cubic meters.

13,000 Daily Departures

On average, we handle 13,000 daily departures and operate around the clock, 365 days a year. During rush hour, the trains are only 3 minutes apart. There are 22 stations and 34 trains.

60.8 Million Passengers

The record was broken - again - in 2016, when 60.8 million passengers rode the metro. We gave them a good experience with 99.2% service availability.