Vacant positions at the moment:

Receptionists/Customer Service Employees  - Deadline 25 November 2018 (in Danish)

Communication Coordinator - Deadline 26 November 2018 (in Danish)

Technician for ticket and rejsekort vending machines - Deadline 3 December 2018 (in Danish)

Student Assistant - Deadline 3 December 2018 

Telecommunications Technician for Cityringen - Deadline 29 November 2018 (in Danish)

Technicians for Cityringen - Deadline 29 November 2018 (in Danish)


Learn more about working as a Technician

Learn more about working as a Steward

Learn more about working in the Control Room

Apprentices and students
We are happy to take in apprentices and students for both maintenance, (where we offer both automation and electrician apprenticeship training), IT, and administration (where there are opportunities for accounting and clerical staff apprenticeship training). Vacant apprentice and student slots are posted under ’Vacant positions’.

If you are interested in doing your internship – no matter the level of schooling – we would like to hear from you.

Submit your application via this link 

Unsolicited applications
We will soon be hiring additional employees who:
• possess a high level of professionalism
• places the customer in focus
• wish to work in an environment with an informal, personable atmosphere and many good colleagues
• desire opportunities for professional and personal development

If this is you, then please send us your application via this link 

Privacy and personal data policy in relation to recruitment
Metro Service A/S (Metrovej 3, 2300 Copenhagen S) is the data responsible for your personal information when you apply for a job with us. We have designed a privacy policy to ensure that your personal information is handled properly and correctly in accordance with the applicable personal data regulation and personal data law.

When you apply for a job, it will appear from the introduction of the job module how we handle your personal information and you are asked to accept the processing of personal information before you can apply for the job.

If you have any questions about how we handle your information or if, during the recruitment process or later, you wish to correct your personal information or delete it from our job database, please contact Metro Service A/S, CVR no. 21263834. via e-mail, by telephone at +45 32482800 or at Metrovej 3, 2300 Copenhagen S.
If you are not satisfied with the way we process your personal information, you can appeal to Datatilsynet via e-mail, by phone +45 33193200 or at Borgergade 28, 5th floor, 1300 Copenhagen K.

It was a very professional, friendly and welcoming process when I was hired. I got the relevant information at the interviews and felt well prepared for the tasks ahead.