A high service availability and a good service give the passengers a fast, safe, and comfortable journey - each day. Metro Service is the operator of choice for metro and light rail systems in Copenhagen.
We hold the contracts to operate and maintain the current metro lines M1+M2+M3 Cityringen and the M4 that opened in the spring of 2020. We also hold the contract for operation and maintenance of the Greater Copenhagen Light Rail, expected to open in 2025.

Our services


We handle the operation of the metro, with all the stewards, train dispatchers, planners and passenger information operators needed



We maintain around 40 trains every day, ensuring both comfort and safety for our passengers

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24/7 365

Our approximately 600 employees work around the clock. They take care of tasks from providing passenger service, over train repair, to develping safety procedures on all four lines M1+M2+M3+M4 in Copenhagen.

A positive effect of investments

Of Metro Service's total investment value in 2021, 70% is estimated to have an energy optimizing effect.
You can read more in our CSR-report on the tab About Us/CSR.

High customer satisfaction

97 % of our passengers were in 2021 satisfied or very satisfied with our compliance with the timetable. This - along with our other great results - makes us proud.

We transported 73,4 million passengers in 2021

In 2021, we had 73.4 million passengers.

This is an increase of DKK 10.1 million. passengers, compared to the previous year.

Again in 2021, COVID-19 has had a significant effect on public transport, but fewer restrictions have contributed to an increase in the number of passengers compared to 2020.

At the beginning of 2022, the Metro reached 1 billion passengers, since the opening of the metro in 2002.