As an employee of Metro Service, you have a great opportunity for professional and personal development.

Development, training and education are given a high priority at Metro Service – naturally since professional expertise is one of our four values. In fact, we spend 15,000 - 20,000 work hours every year on educating and developing our employees.

The type of training and education depends entirely on the position you are hired for. We work with formal educations, peer-to-peer training as well as on-going retraining and continued development.

Some positions, for example steward and traffic dispatcher, require that you complete an internal education before you can start in the job. Other positions, for example a technician involved with maintenance, require on-going training in new systems and technologies.

All employees, regardless of their department and position, can at any given time discuss their possibilities and desires for professional and personal development with their supervisor, just like it is a mandatory part of the appraisal interview.

Within a year after I started in the department, I was offered training to become a ventilation installer, so that I now can maintain the metro’s ventilation system. I think I'm very fortunate that I can ask my manager for education and have it approved.