Real-time and precise information makes the journey easier for the passengers.

The passengers expect to be able to receive assistance when they have a need for it, and we make it our job to assist them well and reliably throughout their journey. Therefor our stewards are available around the clock on the trains and stations.

The tasks of the stewards are many and varied, but first and foremost they deliver service and safety. They are able to perform minor technical tasks and drive the train if it is necessary, and in the event of operating disruptions they are also trained in crowd control and local information. In addition, they manage the ticketing agreed with the other traffic operators, as well as light tidying and cleaning.

We do not outsource the ticketing or service on the trains and in the stations because we believe that we provide better service by having our own employees, who place the customer at the centre and are trained to assist passengers with travel information and other practical questions.

We staff the larger stations Nørreport, Kongens Nytorv and Christianshavn. This ensures extra help especially for tourists and passengers who will be changing between different forms of transport.

The high level of service is reflected in the passenger satisfaction. They experience the Metro as a reliable and safe means of transport. 

Operational information around the clock

We deliver updated information on operations to the passengers around the clock. Prior to their journey, they can check the operating status at and, which we update regularly with information about planned maintenance that may affect operation. During the journey we provide information in real-time through screens at the stations, announcements on trains and stations and on Twitter.

Through ”Klar besked – Info på tværs” [”Clear message– Info transverse”] we work together with the other traffic operators in Greater Copenhagen on informing the passengers across the various forms of traffic, for example in case of delays on the S-trains or buses. We have repeatedly won awards for being the best and fastest at passing on traffic information.

Customer service centre

Good passenger service begins before the passengers depart from home and also continues after the journey has finished. At Metro Service, we deal with approximately 185 inquiries on a daily basis from passengers who contact us regarding planning their journeys, tickets, forgotten possessions or fines.

At the same time, we are a part of the Travel Card's customer service and handle a further 250 inquiries on a daily basis.
Through these inquiries we receive in-depth insights into the needs and questions of our passengers. We use this knowledge to optimise the information for our passengers. Many updates of, for example, information boards and posters are the results of inquiries by passengers, who show us where the information is not always clear or sufficiently detailed.

I find the staff to be friendly and when you see them you can always ask them anything. I think that's good!