Metro Service is a privately held company and a joint venture between the companies ATM (Azienda Trasporti Milanesi) and Hitachi Rail STS (former Ansaldo STS).

ATM provides public transport in Milan and 46 other towns in Lombardy, Northern Italy. They work with both metros, buses, trams and trolley buses, carrying over 700 million passengers per year. 

Hitachi Rail STS (former Ansaldo STS) developed the metro system itself in Copenhagen. Hitachi STS belong to the Hitachi group, who provides high tech solutions for railways, control, and signalling systems used for public transport in large cities.

Through our owners, we have access to the latest know-how, and can draw on their experience in development, operation, maintenance, and services related to public transport. Their global activities give us insight into innovative improvements around the world, which we can use to optimise our own processes.

Job Opportunities

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